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I was quite frustrated with handling complex numbers. After using this software, I am quite comfortable with it. Complex numbers are no more 'COMPLEX' to me.
Reggie Thompson, Houston, TX

There are so many similar programs available on the market, but I was looking for something which can interact with me like a human tutor does. My search ended with this software. It corrects me whenever I make mistakes like a human tutor, but it does not scold!!
Dan Mathers, MI

I can't say enough wonderful things about the software. It has helped my son and I do well in our beginning algebra class. Currently, he and I are taking the same algebra class at our local community college. Not only does the software help us solve equations but it has also helped us work together as a team. Thank you!
Adam Botts, FL

I originally bought Algebrator for my wife because she was struggling with her algebra homework. Now only did it help with each problem, it also explained the steps for each. Now my wife uses the program to check her answers.
Ida Smith, GA

Math has never been easy for me to grasp but this program makes it easy to understand. Thanks!
Steve Canter, CA

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