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Thanks to the creators of the software. The context sensitive help on any topic of algebra made me clear my basics of mathematics. A very very useful tool ..
Jason Padrew, TX

WE DID IT!! Thanks so much for your help and for being so responsive to our emails! We appreciate your time, patience and help with this download. What AWESOME customer service!!! Thanks.
Jon Maning, NM

I am a parent of an 8th grader:The software itself works amazingly well - just enter an algebraic equation and it will show you step by step how to solve and offer clear, brief explanations, invaluable for checking homework or reviewing a poorly understood concept. The practice test with printable answer key is a great self check with a seemingly endless supply of non-repeating questions. Just keep taking the tests until you get them all right = an A+ in math.
David Aguilar, CA

I recently came across on the internet and ordered the algebra software for my child. I am happy to report that the visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental algebra concepts.
James J Kidd, TX

Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier!
Sonja Goyco, MS

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