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WOW, what great and easy way to write complex expressions, I used other Algebra software, it prefer going to hell more than writing complex expressions, it need a professional to use them, but this Algebrator, is perfect.
M.H., Illinois

This product is great. Im a Math 10 Honors student and my parents bought your algebra software to help me out. I didnt think Id use it as much as I have but the step-by-step instructions have come in handy.
Kara Lyssa, WI

I think this program is one of the most useful learning tools I have purchased (and believe me, I purchased a lot!), It's easy for us as parents- to work with, it saves a lot of our children's precious time.
Susan Freeman, OH

This product is the greatest thing. I always went to my friends house to use hers until I could convince my parents to buy it for me. I hate to say it but I really needed help with algebra and now Ive got it!
Margaret Thomas, NY

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