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trigonometry worksheets by using graphic calculator

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Registered: 15.01.2004
From: Louisiana, United States

Posted: Thursday 02nd of Aug 15:19    

Hi, I am a freshman in high school and I am having trouble with my homework. One of my problems is dealing with trigonometry worksheets by using graphic calculator; can anyone help me understand what it is all about? I need to complete this asap. Thanks for helping.
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Registered: 17.03.2002
From: Norway

Posted: Friday 03rd of Aug 20:46    

I really don’t know why God made math , but you will be delighted to know that someone also came up with Algebrator! Yes, Algebrator is a software that can help you solve math problems which you never thought you would be able to. Not only does it provide a solution the problem, but it also explains the steps involved in getting to that solution. All the Best!
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Registered: 10.03.2002
From: Notts, UK.

Posted: Sunday 05th of Aug 07:39    

Algebrator is a very convenient tool. I have been using it for a long time now.
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Registered: 07.12.2001
From: Whistler BC, Canada

Posted: Monday 06th of Aug 21:25    

That’s what I’m looking for! Are you sure this will be helpful with my problems in algebra? Well, it doesn’t hurt if I try the software. Do you have any details to share that would lead me to the product details?
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Registered: 20.12.2001

Posted: Tuesday 07th of Aug 18:08    

Don’t worry my friend . As what I said, it shows the solution for the problem so you won’t really have to copy the answer only but it makes you understand how did the program came up with the answer. Just go to this site and prepare to learn and solve faster .
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Registered: 16.04.2003
From: the wastelands between insomnia and clairvoyance

Posted: Thursday 09th of Aug 10:04    

I remember having problems with perpendicular lines, hypotenuse-leg similarity and equation properties. Algebrator is a truly great piece of algebra software. I have used it through several algebra classes - College Algebra, Intermediate algebra and Basic Math. I would simply type in the problem and by clicking on Solve, step by step solution would appear. The program is highly recommended.
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