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Math 376 - Prealgebra

Course Information
Class Meets MTWTh 9:00 – 10:30 in PS 120
This class is a comprehensive review of arithmetic involving whole numbers, fractions,
decimals, and signed numbers. Students will solve problems involving ratios,
proportions, percents and geometry. Basic algebra concepts and techniques such as
variables, simplifying expressions, solving equations and graphing linear equations will
also be introduced. Problem solving, estimation and the communication of mathematical
ideas are an integral part of the course.

Text & Required Materials
• Prealgebra 3rd Edition by Tussy and Gustafson
• A composition book – can be purchased at the bookstore
• Plenty of pencils and erasers (pen may not be used in this class)

• Math 152 is a lab course that offers 0.5 to 1.0 units of credit to get free dropin
tutoring/help with math. You must be signed up to use the Math Lab.
• A TI (Texas Instruments) Graphing Calculator – I recommend a T1-83 or
• Form a study group. It is a great way to study for exams and to do homework
• View the course outline at

Attendance will be taken everyday at the beginning of class. If you come in late you will
need to check in with me at the end of class. Students that are more than 15 minutes
late for class will not receive attendance credit for that day.

*Students who miss four class periods may have their grade dropped one full grade level.
Students missing six or more class periods will need to retake the course.*

Classroom Environment
It is expected that everyone involved in this class, teacher and students alike, will act in a
manner conducive to providing a comfortable environment for learning, a classroom
where students feel free to ask and answer questions without fear of embarrassment or
ridicule. It is important to stay on task when class in session. Hence, conversation not
pertaining to the subject at hand should be taken outside the classroom. I understand that
students will have to get up and leave the room for various reasons and I also understand
that students will arrive late from time to time. However, courtesy requires that you enter
and leave as quietly as possible, without disturbing discussion or lecture. It is essential
for student success to maintain a good environment in the classroom. If you have any
personal difficulties with the learning environment in the classroom, please visit me in
my office to discuss them. Cell Phones: If your cell phone rings during class or you
take a text message in class, you will be asked to apologize to your colleagues. The
manner in which you will do this is bringing cookies to the next class session!

I will assign homework at the end of each class period. It is expected that you will have
it completed by the next class session. Homework must be turned in the day it is due. I
will not accept late homework. If you are ill, have someone bring it to school for you.
Homework will be due at the beginning of class. Homework is not an option, it is
required! Homework is where you get to practice and polish your math skills. Students
who well in mathematics are the ones who consistently and carefully do their homework.
The fundamental idea of a college course is to learn and homework is where a great deal
of your learning will take place. Assignments will be posted weekly on the web and
handed out in class.

There are two aspects to a great paper – content and presentation, both are equally
important! Homework is one area in which you can show me that you are putting forth
your best effort. Effort is rewarded greatly in this class!

• Homework is to be done in pencil only. Homework done in pen will not be graded.
• Sloppy work will not be accepted.
• Pages must be stapled.
• Your name (First and Last), section number, and assignment number must
be in the right corner of each assignment. I will not grade papers missing
the assignment number.
• Mostly odd numbered problems will be assigned giving you an opportunity
to check your work before turning it in.

Your Name
Math 376 - 1
HW #

1. Copy down the original problem
Work vertically showing all appropriate work.
Check your solution in the back of the book.

Skip at least one line before beginning the next problem

2. Copy down the original problem.
And so on…

Homework is graded on three areas: completeness, general correctness, and presentation.
You can receive up to 5 points for in each of these areas for a total of 15 points.
Exceptionally neat homework will receive extra credit. Many students have taken this
opportunity to earn extra credit everyday.

  Completeness Correctness Presentation
5 points All complete. Each
part of every problem
is included and
Perfect, or nearly so.
understanding of ideas
in the assignment.
Displays critical
Excellent! Clear, easy
to read and to follow.
4 points Nearly all complete
(over 80%).
Very will done, but
unclear and/or some
obvious errors.
Demonstrates solid
Very good. Generally
presented well.
3 points More than half
Many errors or may
be unclear, contain
many vague items,
appear unoriginal or
offer relatively little
that is new.
OK. Can follow, but
not easy to read, or
2 points Less than half
Roughly half or so is
correct. Demonstrates
little understanding.
Confusing. Difficult
to follow and
understand what is
being presented.
1 points More than nothing but
significantly less than
Less than half is
correct. Does not
understanding of ideas
in assignment. Show
comprehension of
assignment or
minimal effort.
Extremely difficult to
follow or understand.
0 points Nothing done. None correct. Incomprehensible.

Quizzes & Activities
We will be having at least one quiz per week and questions will come directly from the
homework. As we go through the semester quizzes may also contain material from
previous chapters in order to keep your mind fresh on all topics covered. Quizzes cannot
be made up, regardless of the reason for your absence. I will, however, drop your
lowest quiz score at the end of the semester. Quizzes will be worth 10 points each.
We will also be doing several activities throughout the semester. These serve as a great
opportunity to work with others in the class using the math that you have learned.
Activities cannot be made up, regardless of the reason for your absence.

There will be four exams each worth 10% of your overall grade. Exam dates will be
announced at least one week prior to the exam. In addition, you will receive a study
guide and a practice test. If you will not be in class on the day of an exam you must
make arrangements with me at least two days before the test. Those that fail to do so will
be allowed to make up the test, however the test will be very hard and you will receive an
automatic 30% deduction.
The final will be cumulative and worth 20% of your overall grade. If you fail to show up
for the final and have not made prior arrangements with me you will receive a zero for
the final. It cannot be made up.
Exam 1 – Chapters 1 & 2
Exam 2 – Chapter 3
Exam 3 – Chapters 4 & 5
Exam 4 – 7.1 – 7.4, 8.1 – 8.2, 6.1
Final Exam – Cumulative

Composition Book
You will be keeping a reference book that will contain important information you have
learned throughout the semester such as definitions, formulas, and examples. You may
use your reference book on quizzes and the final exam. You may not use it on the other 4
examinations. Your reference book must be in your own handwriting and not be used to
keep class notes in. I will collect and grade your reference book during each of the four
exams. Each time it is collected you can receive up to 15 points. I will be looking to see
if you have a table of contents, title pages, page numbers, definitions, formulas, and
examples. I will also be making sure that you have not used this to keep class notes in.
The whole point is to rewrite the information that is important to your learning. It may be
different for each person. Books with no entries and little effort will receive no points.


Quizzes & Activities 10%
Homework 30%
Exams 40%
Final Exam 20%

Grades will be assigned as follows. Effort will be taken very seriously when assigning
final grades. Those that have made serious strides toward learning and success may be
pumped up a few percentage points.

A 93-100% C+ 77-79%
A- 90-92% C 70-76%
B+ 87-89% D 60-69%
B 83-86% F 0-59% (or six or more class periods missed)
B- 80-82%    

Grades are available online through the website listed on the first page. Grades will be updated
several times per week. It is expected that you will be responsible by checking your grade often
and coming to see me when you are having trouble.

To check your grade you will need to enter the following:

Last, First
7 digit ID number

Notice, you must use a capital letter for the first letter in your first and last name. There is also a
comma and a space in between the two. If you enter your name incorrectly, the system will not
let you in.

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy this course and find
mathematics to be fun or at least not intimidating. I encourage you to
utilize my office hours, the math lab, and your peers.